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Creative Celebration


Congratulations to all the primary aged children and colleagues who have had their images featured in the Creative Celebration 2023.

Images were selected from Primary schools across England during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The images are featured in the 2023 special issue of CreativiTREE.

Available to purchse from the

Arco Iris Learning Shop.

Every person who had their image featured was awarded with a limited edition 'Creative Celebration 2023' embroidered badge.

Unfortunately, due to the proposed train strikes, we were unable to hold an in-person event this year. We look forward to resuming our exhibition space in 2024.

Creative Celebration Exhibition


Each year, the creative photographs that the children create are showcased in a central London exhibition space.

All children and families are welcomed to visit and share in the learning community they are a part of.  

Previous exhibitions held at The Meditatio Centre.



Article written by Dr Monica Tobin in 2018: