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Creative Thinking and Learning Podcast

Maria spoke with Mike Fleetham from Thinking Classrooms in February 2023 about creative thinking and learning.

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Contemplative Photography Practices for Wellbeing

In collaboration with The Steve Sinnott Foundation, Maria delivered an online session about nurturing and growing contemplative photography practices for wellbeing and creativity.

For World Teachers Day and in partnership with The Steve Sinnott Foundation, Maria delivered an online session to support creative and mindful practices for all educators. This session celebrate the season of Autumn and has some practical activities you can recreate.

Collaboration with The Photography Movement

Maria partnered with The Photography Movement and Show and Tell to support them with Access All Arts in Primary Schools, an initiative with Sky Arts Week.

Collaboration with Learn Radio

Further information about Juliette Heppell.

Further information about Steven Lenton.

Further information about James Mayhew.

Maria collaborated with Russell Prue from  Anderton Tiger and both co-created and broadcasted a CPD show for Primary colleagues called 'Seeds of Creativity'.

Russell and Maria also broadcasted and videocasted an afternoon show for children called 'The Book Club'.

For more information on other shows visit Learn Radio.